For the trees

It might sound silly, but this week has been difficult. It’s always easier to accomplish something when you have a clear set of objectives. Then, the inability to accomplish your tasks can only be attributed to laziness or lack of time. Like a career path, it is much more difficult to begin. So I changed my mind several times. First, I wanted to focus on international trade and development. Having spent much of the summer in Ghana, and having studied development there, this seemed like a natural choice. I am also fascinated by this subject and have been for years. But development seemed to be too intangible, too much in the world of abstract ideas, to cover with a video camera in New York City. So I widened the lens and decided to shoot for something general like Islamic Teaching in New York City. The Arabic school in Brooklyn has been much in the news, so this seemed like a relevant, current topic. But I know very little about this subject, and don’t want to venture into the sensational. So I decided against it.  Once again widening the frame, I have settled on Immigrant Affairs in New York City. I hope that this will allow me to encompass all of the economic issues that I am deeply interested in, while keeping my stories in the concrete realm of human beings and their new lives in the Emerald City. My focus is still broad, but I have been in touch with several immigration organizations in New York that deal with intense matters like human trafficking and child slavery. Honestly, I don’t know anything about these things, but intend to find out. I have interviews scheduled for next week. Aside from these tantalizing tales, I will focus on the more common, yet important, issues dealing with immigrant rights and the looming spectre of deportation.


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