Thoughts, and nothing better

I’m not going to have much to show in class tomorrow. One interview and some b-roll footage is about all I can show. I will have something to post on Wednesday, but what I submit in December will be much better. I have been making connections in the NY human trafficking circuit. At least with reporters covering the subject, city officials involved, and advocacy groups. I now have tentacles spread out far and I am hoping to get real shit on camera. (Excuse the word, I could think of a suitable replacement with the same meaning.) Alot of the women that are trafficked into this country end up as prostitutes. Their johns never know that they are in any way different from any other prostitute. Often times they work in brothels, and the brothel manager never know that they are slaves. Their traffickers just seem like pimps to them. The only difference is that traffickers are pimps that take all of their money.

I told ABC today that I can no longer work 5 days a week. They were fine with this of course. They asked me to do so when I started and I wanted to make a good impression. But I need, and want, time to devote to this project. I think I am really growing into this. I have an another interview in the morning and must look over my material now.


2 responses to “Thoughts, and nothing better

  1. amyvanvechten

    Never fear — Todd is here!

    Dude, no worries if you have to change topics. You can’t forsee this stuff when you set out. Valient attempt to breach this serious issue, though. I admire you.

    Check out my blog!

  2. I hope you do continue to investigate this topic, Todd. It’s so important, and still not in the mainstream consciousness.

    I think we are so often discouraged from researching the subjects we are passionate about because they are impractical or too challenging for some time constraint we are facing. (Hence, I abandoned any projects dealing with public education for the time being.) And yet, these are very often the subjects that most NEED tackling!

    Hope to hear more from you on trafficking in the future…

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