Mind Tripping with Digital Pioneers


An offshoot of contemporary poetry is Digital or E-poetry. There seem to be many different types all based around the basic concept of blending verse with various media elements – video, audio, even interactive features. The American center of this mind-bending preoccupation seems to be SUNY Buffalo. For an example of digital poetry, check out this page by William Poundstone.

While fascinating, this work seems to be simply before its time. I honestly don’t see how this new artform might break into the current mainstream consciousness, except as a clever diversion. However, I am fully willing to admit my shortsightedness. Perhaps with new technology, new viewing mechanisms, some advanced version of this basic idea could become very popular indeed, perhaps even essential if integrated into different platforms, like email or news sites. I’m not underestimating ingenuity and there is something very appealing about this fantastical business.

At the moment, though, this artful, collaborative media is being used to deliver poetry, and not all of it by upstarts. Check out this page by former Poet Laureate Billy Collins.

He has basically had several of his published poems animated and I think the effect is wonderful, more accessible than most of the tripped-out e-poetry.


4 responses to “Mind Tripping with Digital Pioneers

  1. Hm. So SPEAKING of digital or E poetry… I googled my own name, because I was interested in what a future employer might see. And lo and behold, some crazy site — which I take to be poetry of some random kind — has one with my name as the title! WTF, mang?! check it out.


    You gotta scroll down to find it.


  2. Gretchen Worsley

    Very cool concept. So, do they integrate the production of visual art as well? I’ve been to an actual happening before where visual artists (painters, sculptors, etc) joined with poets and musicians to collaborate and inspire one another. Is there the potential for a virtual version of this? Where’s the image from…it really caught my eye.

  3. The image is sort of random. I just found it on a site about digital poetry and liked it.

  4. Gretchen Worsley

    Good random choice then.

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